Reflexology Has Helped Patients With Symptoms of Anxiety, Stress, Headaches, Migraines, Backaches, Pain, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Circulation

“Responding with compassion and sensitivity to individual needs, Lorna works each meridian of the foot with a holistic approach that effectively carries out a conversation, not only with the feet but with the entire body of the individual. Her knowledge of traditional Chinese concepts of energy pathways in the body results in a surprising unearthing of natural, healing solutions.”  college woman

When a health fair participant was asked if she wanted to come in for a session, she grinned and replied, “Can I come for all day?”

A gal restfully sighed after reflexology saying, “I feel great, had a back ache before and now it is gone, thanks.”

“Reflexology makes you feel good all over!” middle aged woman with challenge of handicapped son

“I know that after each session I will be able to walk straight again. My feet won’t hurt. I’ve said it before, Reflexology is God’s gift to mankind. It is important.” retired man

Parkinson’s Disease

I have Parkinson’s disease with headaches, sore joints and aching back as well as poor circulation. The condition makes it hard for me to use my hands and feet. It is very difficult and makes me anxious. I have been having regular Reflexology sessions for several months and I feel lots better with less pain and I relax easier. After many tests and treatments I wasn’t getting better so tried Reflexology. I continue with medical care but I strongly recommend Reflexology too! I love the way a session leaves me feeling stress free.” Muchas gracias 40 something woman


“I really enjoy my reflexology treatments with Lorna and feel that they have been very beneficial in decreasing my constant body pain from fibromyalgia. Also, I have fewer and less intense migraine headaches. Amazingly, during treatments, Lorna is able to pinpoint the areas in my body where I suffer from pain. I always leave my sessions with a smile on my face and a very relaxed feeling both body and mind.” middle-aged gal


Flower grower on a large long time farm, is able to resume his beloved walks and says, “My circulation was diminished since heart surgery over a dozen years ago but now the reflexology sessions invigorate my legs and decreases pain making it possible for me to take my regular mile strolls around the nursery.” 80 something man

“I worked over twenty five years standing on a hard concrete floor. I would come home and my feet would just be numb. After retirement I thought maybe I would get some of the feeling back, but not much. I thought I would just have to live with it but it wasn’t what I wanted because of all the outdoor activities I like to do. I had been exposed to a little Reflexology but there had never been someone close enough to me to go to on a regular basis. After reading about Lorna several times in the news paper. I decided to give her a call. I only go about every three weeks but what a difference it has made in how I feel. It wasn’t an instant fix but it has no bad side effects.
Continued treatment has really helped. I knew in the beginning that I wanted to keep coming if it were just for the relief I got for the day. At first, I would walk out of the office with a tingling feeling in my feet. After a few months, I didn’t get that so much but I realized the relief I was experiencing was continuing for days. I now have so much more feeling in my feet that it just amazes me.” retired woman

Peace of Mind

One client lay back in the chair and said, “If a person reads the newspaper or watches the news these days, they need to Reflexology to cope.”

During her first session a twenty something gal who was stressed and on mental health meds said, “Anxiety is a big problem for me, with Reflexology you take it away. It’s like I am doing yoga but not moving.”

”What I wanted you to know is your Reflexology continues to benefit me these many miles away. To relax and quiet my mind when I go to bed, I often imagine a Reflexology treatment. I think about each area of the foot being worked on by your wonderful hands and I hear your soothing voice. May the folks there in Lewis County keep appreciating and discovering your practice.” This middle aged gal had mental and physical challenges so came to Heal & Toes Therapeutic Reflexology for healing. She has since moved back to the Midwest but still finds reflexology helpful.

Deep Relaxation

As a very busy woman, Reflexology gives me an hour a couple of days a month to just sit back, relax, and let the tensions of life melt away. As a healthy person, I can’t claim any special “healing” but I can say that reflexology touches far more than just my feet. As Lorna works different areas of my feet, it’s like small bursts of fireworks go off in my lower back and shoulders, and at the top of my head. The tension and small aches and pains just sort of release. A sense of balance and well being ensue for days after each treatment. It’s a great experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a more relaxation and balance in their lives.” 40 something woman, DNR supervisor

“I am so relaxed I am jabbering, maybe you should work for the FBI to get people talking!” A quiet fellow”

“Reflexology made me feel like I was walking on clouds and I slept better than I have in a long time.” 20 something woman

“I am a long time massage therapist who finds Reflexology to be just the ticket for after work relaxation. I also give Reflexology gift certificates to my friends.” middle aged woman

“I met Lorna at Health Fair over three years ago. Soon I made an appointment and have been enjoying her wonderful Reflexology ever since. The sessions are so relaxing I sometimes take a short snooze during the session while she works on my feet.  My feet have never felt better and I would recommend reflexology to anyone.” Thank you Heal & Toes! middle aged woman

“Reflexology is relaxing through and through, a wonderful way to access the healing powers from within.” young man who meditates

Better Sleep

An active housewife with a 3-year-old son, found after Reflexology, it was possible to sleep soundly again. The stresses of buying a new home, family health issues, etc had made sleep difficult for almost a year. After two Reflexology sessions she could sleep. For five weeks she was not able to come so was unable to sleep as well as she’’d like. With periodic Reflexology sessions she regained her ability to sleep deeply awaking refreshed. 20 something woman
     Her young son often watched while she was having a Reflexology session and asked if he could have a session too. Why not? He sat very still and enjoyed the whole session. Interestingly when Lorna came to the meridian points on his feet for his ears, his little hands shot up to cover his ears. Lorna asked if his ears hurt because sensitivities in the feet can indicate imbalances in the body. He said, “yes my ears hurt.” The doctor found he had an ear infection.


I am cancer free now but after undergoing chemotherapy, I was told my circulation would decrease, and it would be hard to keep my feet warm. I needed to wear socks to bed. Since I have been coming to Heal & Toes for Therapeutic Reflexology sessions, my feet are often warm, I have much better circulation, and I have better mobility in my feet with no neuropathy symptoms. Often now I don’t need to wear socks in bed. I have shared my good results with my doctor. I look forward to being deeply relaxed and how great my feet feel after each session. I am hooked on Reflexology with Lorna.” 70 something woman

A cancer survivor spoke out, “wow, this is the best my feet have felt since chemo ended goodbye Neuropathy!”

Surgery & Broken Bones Recovery

“During recovery from a broken ankle my foot felt kind of dead but Reflexology makes it feel like a foot again.” male college student who likes to ski

Reflexology is helpful for post-operative care and after broken bones in the foot and ankle have mended. Because Reflexology enhances circulation and increases flexibility in the foot and ankle in a gentle way, it enhances healing. A client was so impressed with how Reflexology helped her; she gave a gift certificate for Reflexology to her podiatrist who had helped her a great deal. This active farm woman had fallen and broken her foot. Coming to Heal & Toes after she was healed from surgery, she hoped to bring her foot back to the way it had been before the accident. She was pleased with weekly improvements during Reflexology treatments. We scheduled regular appointments and then suddenly she wasn’t able to come. It turned out there had been family issues which prevented her from continuing Reflexology but at the same time, she realized her foot was back to normal. We rejoiced in her good health and pain-free foot.


I had the honored of giving Mr. K a reflexology session. He went into the service at age 25 in 1999 and would soon be discharged from the Army. He has been in signals/communication in the Army in Iraq on a few tours. He was in Lewis County, visiting relatives for the holidays. I track where clients hear about me and it brought a smile to my face when Mr. K told how he had found me on line!  
    Lorna has found during sessions, some clients like to talk and some like to be meditative. In either case relaxation, better circulation and balance occur. It feels like some people talk to get stuff off their chest. The body and muscles remember and energy work can be freeing. A calm relaxed space aids in therapeutic release.
     Lorna asked Mr. K, “Is it hard to talk about your experience in the service?” I calculated it would give me an idea if Mr. K wanted to be quiet or talk. He said, “not at all.” The floodgates were open.
      He shared how hard it is to be back in the states after Iraq where he killed and charged forward. He told of having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how a superior had told him Reflexology was excellent to help restore calm and balance. At first he looked to the side and avoided eye contact with me but soon he was relating many of his experiences using excellent eye contact. Obviously he left out heavy stuff. He told of having strong women soldiers in the ranks and gave detailed accounts of many of his experiences. Also he gave me the army chain of command. Mr. K uses “complementary” health modalities because a Naturopath had helped him with a stomach problem in his younger years so we also talked extensively about health issues.
      Friends who are veterans from past wars have helped Lorna be more compassionate regarding war and warriors. Lorna believes this helped to relate better to Mr. K during his session and be there for him. Mr. K seemed to feel safe and accepted. 
      Mr. K had very few tender places on his feet, which showed he was basically healthy. He commented on how relaxed he felt and wanted to find a Reflexologist when he is discharged from the army.
    Follow up with Mr. K he had been honorably discharged from the service and relocated in Arkansas. He reported that Reflexology had played a useful part in dealing with PTSD but hard physical play or work was really important too.