I use a holistic approach focusing on the whole person.

  • Reflexology is not a medical treatment, but I use your medical history to more fully understand your health and specific complaints. Medical data is used as a reference to gauge progress during ensuing sessions.
  • Pertinent details considered are dietary habits and general lifestyle (past and present) as well as emotional issues such as motivation and stress management.
  • I work on balancing your energy flow, which stimulates the healing potential of your body, helping it to heal itself.
  • I believe that when energy pathways are blocked or congested, function and harmony are not at their optimal.
  • I combine Meridian Therapy and Reflexology in order to provide a more complete therapy.
  • I do not treat or diagnose disease but respect all medical care you are receiving.
  • I appreciate your active participation in your holistic health journey.

“I have struggled with fatigue for years and I credit reflexology for helping me sleep better. Because of my regular sessions with Lorna, I wake up rested and recharged! Thank you Lorna for the gift of restful sleep!!” –S.H.


About Lorna

Since 1972, when I was in a near fatal car accident, I’ve had an interest in natural healing. I strive to stay healthy in mind and body and empathize with those who suffer. I believe life is a precious gift to cherish.

In the early 1980’s, I studied Complementary Healing with Dr. Jeffery Bland, Ph.D., of the University of Puget Sound; Dr. Pizzarno, N.D., School of Naturopath, Seattle, Washington; and Dr. Wright, M.D., of Kent, Washington. I have international certification in Reflexology and Meridian Therapy and belong to the Washington Reflexology Association (WRA) and the Oregon Reflexology Network (ORN).

Since 1953, I have lived in Lewis County on Twin Brooks Farm. For many years I have been involved with organic gardening, participating in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and raising blueberries.

My appreciation for the healing abilities of nature and my compassion for people has led me on a journey toward balance and relaxation that I desire to share with others. I look forward to being part of your holistic health journey.

“During recovery from a broken ankle my foot felt kind of dead but Reflexology makes it feel like a foot again.” – A.V.