WSU Champion Chooses Reflexology at Heal & Toes

athletesWSU Champion Chooses Reflexology at Heal & Toes

It is not every day that Heal & Toes gets to deliver relaxing, refreshing comfort to a champion! Caroline Austin Student Athlete & Kinesiology Major at Washington State University enjoyed a session with Heal & Toes. Recently Caroline ran WSU’s fastest time for the women’s steeple chase. She does well competing with other universities and is also competing to be in the Olympics. As a student at W. F. West High School in Chehalis, Caroline  excelled at the sport, as she enthusiastically dedicated herself to running. When Heal & Toes began in September of 2007, Caroline (who is also Lorna’s niece), enjoyed the benefits of reflexology on the front page of the newspaper, getting a session to benefit her feet! We wish Caroline the best as she works toward the Olympics and looks forward to a coaching job in the future. Good luck Caroline! (Her tattoo says, “Pain is Temporary.” Let us all work toward balance with minimum pain!!)

Reflexology is very beneficial for athletes. By increasing circulation, the body can rid itself of extra build up of lactic acid from exertion, and the good blood flow energizes and revitalizes the cells throughout the feet and body. Since the sessions are very relaxing, tension can dissipate after a hard turnout or competition. Sometimes if there is pain, reflexology can ease that too. We can’t guarantee you will become a champion like Caroline but you can enjoy the benefits of reflexology–so make an appointment today!

Photo of Caroline Austin, WSU Champion in Track by Michael Page, Graphic Design & Marketing Specialist (