Heal & Toes Footnotes – September 2014

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Remember when you send someone to Heal & Toes you get a FREE Smoothie at Once Upon a Thyme! Recently two clients left with smiles on their faces ready for their tasty FREE Smoothies after their comfortable Reflexology sessions. Next time it can be you! Celebrate with us and introduce someone you care about to the healing power of Heal & Toes Reflexology ! Yum & Ahh!

A long time client, who is actively retired, enjoys walking with his dog Penny. He sent Heal & Toes the following quote, “I went to the chiropractor after leaving your office and he couldn’t believe how easily I adjusted. For once, he didn’t have to build up a sweat adjusting me.” When the client came to Heal & Toes several years ago, he was familiar with Reflexology and had gotten good results, especially for relaxation and easing his back tension and discomfort. He was glad to find Heal & Toes several years ago because he had had trouble locating a reliable Reflexologist, even in big cities. A big thank you to this client (FA) for  supporting small business in our fine Lewis County! YES!
With the popularity of Chiropractic, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki etc., clients/patients often mix and match their care choices along with their regular AMA doctors to help improve their health and comfort. A number of clients at Heal & Toes have shared that they have increased benefit when they combine another modality with their (often) same-day Reflexology session. We are honored to be a part of their wellness routine.

LS, a client who had a very serious foot break years ago, spoke with her MD about how Reflexology had given her much appreciated pain relief and better circulation. Her doctor agreed that there is much value in “alternative” healing modalities (other than just the AMA), and encouraged her to continue her Reflexology sessions.

PC reports that receiving Reflexology near the time of getting his B12 shots for neuropathy really increases the benefit of both.

MH relates how her massage therapist helped with her back and then comments that Reflexology helps her back too.
VH has Naturopathic appointments and tells of her doctor of her healing progress crediting Reflexology with positively influencing her improvement.
When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop for a split second—including your heart and lungs.

The total width of your arms stretched out to the sides is equal to the total length of your body.
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Chehalis Tribal Health Fair: September 18, 2014; 10 am – 3 pm; FREE mini-sessions, Chehalis Tribal Community Center; 461 Secena Road, Oakville, WA 98568.
Wellness Roundup: September 20, 2014; 9 am – 2 pm; FREE mini-sessions, Providence campus Cook’s Hill Road, Centralia
Autumn Fund Raiser for the Rebecca’s Women’s Group: Free mini-sessions with a $10 donation to Rebecca’s; Napavine, TBA

Bring mobile reflexology to your special events, such as bazaars and fairs, reunions and parties. Call or email Heal & Toes for questions and arrangements. Lorna is also available to give talks about the history and benefits of reflexology and demonstrate with mini-sessions.

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Deep relaxation
Improved circulation
Pain reduction
More optimal balance in body systems

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