Heal & Toes Footnotes – November 2014

Thank you Providence and associates for the Wellness Health Fair! It is always great bringing health ideas to so many. The Seafair Pirates, based in the Seattle area, ran wild, swords a-blazing… Not really, but they do generously coPiratePicllect money for the service of others! R. Marshall took time out to put his feet up and his sword down for a refreshing mini-session. Those Pirate boots can be tough on a guy! Seattle members, R. Marshal, Captain Kipp and a few others, took time to share at the Roundup promoting programs. The Seafair Pirates numbers about 80 total, and they split up to address different needs in different areas in the state. Doesn’t R. Marshal look relaxed in the Reflexology chair?!

A big thank you to the Chehalis Tribal Health Fair. What wonderful participants with fine vendors, for a great event. I especially appreciate the Native American tradition of respect and honor of Elders. Participants would give their place in line to seniors, telling of the Elders’ qualities, and why they should go first. Christina, who coordinates the Fair, stated she was raised to respect her Elders. We can learn from our cultural differences with others.

As the colder weather sets in, why not add a Reflexology session with Heal & Toes to your preparations? Reflexology is very good for circulation, which can aid the body in several ways. By stimulating points on the bottom of the feet, peripheral vascular return improves; which helps to keep your hands and feet warmer. Muscles work best when they are pliable and not stiff, so circulation is important in providing adequate blood flow for them to be energized and cleansed. Well-exercised muscles improve with Reflexology because toxins and lactic acid are more quickly removed. The heart is also dependent on good circulation, and so can be greatly helped by Reflexology.

Reflexology has been shown to improve circulation and clients have often reported this, along with the other benefits of comfort from deep relaxation and more balanced body systems. Several clients have commented that their feet and hands feel warmer because of Reflexology, therefore they don’t need to wear socks to bed, or they’ve simply said that their feet and hands are not affected so much by the cold. Often, after a Reflexology session, a client with poor circulation in their feet will have a more pink color instead of the purplish color they came in with. Reflexology promotes better oxygen dispersion and can initiate circulation to control edema or water retention. Regular Reflexology hastens and prolongs these improvements. Because Reflexologists are not medically trained diagnosticians, it is important of course to use other health care approaches when needed.

FOOTNOTES will focus on Neuropathy so please share with Heal & Toes how sessions have helped you! THANKS

Okay, this time of year we have lots of TREATS so why not add the trick of eating MORE celery?
Did you know one stalk of celery contains only six calories, plus celery is said to be helpful to our joints.
Avocados, that have healthy fat, contain twice as much potassium as bananas. Wow!

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Rebekah’s Bazaar: November 14, 2014; 9 am – 3 pm; 111 W Washington Napavine; Just a $10 donation – to Rebekah’s for mini-sessions donated by Heal & Toes!
Chehalis United Methodist Church Bazaar: December 13, 2014; 10 am – 4 pm; Market & Main, Chehalis; Just a $10 donation – to the church for mini-sessions donated by Heal & Toes!
Bring mobile reflexology to your special events, such as bazaars and fairs, reunions and parties. Call or email Heal & Toes for questions and arrangements. Lorna is also available to give talks about the history and benefits of reflexology and demonstrate with mini-sessions.

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Deep relaxation
Improved circulation
Pain reduction
More optimal balance in body systems

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