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The term “Reflexology” is fairly modern, yet practices similar to it have been used throughout the world for thousands of years, according to archeological finds. In early China and India, Buddhist monks developed a technique called acupressure. The earliest text regarding acupressure in China was written around 2500 B.C., and it was called “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.” This text included several authors and the early history of “Reflexology” was shown to animate and balance the natural energy and vitality of the body’s Chi (or Qi).

Over 4,000 years ago the Chinese identified the 12 acupuncture meridians in the human body. Used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are invisible lines through the body that carry energy to every organ and system. Meridian therapies can be highly effective. Ancient Chinese techniques have since been rediscovered and spread throughout Asia, yielding today’s reflexology-rich environment of thriving practitioners, businesses, and Reflexology Methods.

Reflexology & Meridian Therapy, which are the main styles used by Heal & Toes Therapeutic Reflexology, involve the application of pressure on specific points of the feet pertaining to organs and the energy pathways or meridians. The aim is to keep the body’s vital energy flowing to eliminate energy loss and blockage. Reflexology can increase the body’s self-healing capacity to help prevent future imbalances.

The use of “Reflexology” in its early forms is also seen in ancient Egypt. In Ankmahor’s tomb (Egyptian physician around 2500 B.C.) pictographs and hieroglyphs were found that indicated the practice of “Reflexology.”

“Reflexology” was used in 13th century Europe by Marco Polo, as well as by Catholic missionaries, who discovered this practice in lands they traveled in. By the 16th century, doctors in central Europe and Germany were practicing Reflexology. Russian researchers such as Bekhterev and Pavlov showed reflex connections of different parts of the body and mind in their work.

By the early 1900s, Sir Henry Head described the neurological relationships of the spinal nervous system and the hands and feet. He divided the body into zones, referred to as dermatomes. These zones could be used to create reactions of healing in the body’s internal organs through heat and touch.

At about this same time American physician Dr. Fitzgerald an eye-ear and nose specialist from Connecticut discovered that pressure on the hands alleviated pains in other parts of the body and he helped develop the zone system commonly used today. Around 1938 a physiotherapist Eunice Ingham mapped the pressure points of the feet and their relationship to the body through compression massages or pressure and called this Reflexology. She is known as the mother of reflexology.

Throughout history mankind has experimented with many methods of healing with some evolving into practical use even into our modern world whereas others have fallen by the wayside. Reflexology seems to be able to withstand the test of time. It is interesting to note that as recently as Dr. Fitzgerald’s time, Reflexology has been given consideration in the medical world. With the advent of drugs and antibiotics Reflexology was given less consideration. Now like Massage and Chiropractic, Reflexology is becoming more popular. Heal & Toes is glad to report that clients have told of their health improvement because of regular reflexology sessions. It is a subtle energy therapy that can be useful for relaxation and healing.


Pia – Spanish word for foot

The 52 bones in a pair of feet represent a quarter of all the bones in the body.

Intelligent people have higher levels of zinc and copper in their hair.
In ancient times people shook hands to show they were unarmed.

The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armor raised their visors to reveal their identity.


Many attended a recent lecture by Dr. Dujela, who specializes in foot and ankle care at the well known Washington Orthopedic Center. Dr. Dujela’s informative talk with visual presentation ended with many rounds of questions from interested attendees. Dr. Dujela works to help patients regain mobility and healthy lifestyles by accommodating and correcting their foot problems through prescribing environmental adjustments and surgery. Dr. Dujela is highly trained with many years of experience, and also had a fellowship in Switzerland where he worked alongside practiced German doctors. He has taught and worked around the world. One recommendation he gives is to shop for shoes at the end of the day when feet are the most swollen to ensure the best fit! Dr. Dujela shared a quote by Leonardo de Vinci that sums up the gift of feet:

“The human foot is a master piece of engineering and a work of art.”

Erin Galarza, Doctor of Physical Therapy told of her work and how physical therapy can help Dr. Dujela’s patients with mobility support and in their recoveries. For injuries, she shared the often heard RICE recommendation: REST + ICE 15-20 min + COMPRESS but not too tight + ELEVATE above the waist.

Thank you Chris Thomas, Providence Hospital, for show casing these two valuable health care providers to educate us and provide needed health care.


Thank you Centralia College for welcoming Heal & Toes to your recent Health Fair!

Bring mobile reflexology to your special events, such as bazaars and fairs, reunions and parties. Call or email Heal & Toes for questions and arrangements. Lorna is also available to give talks about the history and benefits of reflexology and demonstrate with mini-sessions.

Watch for information about the summer STP – Seattle to Portland Bike Ride


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Deep relaxation
Improved circulation
Pain reduction
More optimal balance in body systems

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