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Greetings fine footed friends! May 2015 be balanced and wonderful.

A Look at Neuropathy and Reflexology

Neuropathy is a common condition brought on by the effects of aging, medications, toxins, and conditions such as diabetes. The more we know about Neuropathy the more we can take an active role in controlling it. Understanding illness in our bodies is a worthwhile step toward being as healthy as we can be.

Disorder of the peripheral nervous system. It may be genetic or acquired, progress quickly or slowly, involve motor, sensory, and/or autonomic nerves, and affect only certain nerves or all of them. It can cause pain or loss of sensation, weakness, paralysis, loss of reflexes, and muscle atrophy. Some types damage the neuron itself; others damage the myelin sheath that insulates it. Examples of neuropathy include carpal tunnel syndrome and shingles. Causes include certain diseases, injury, toxins, and vitamin deficiency.

Neuropathy is short for peripheral neuropathy which describes damage to nerves particularly in the extremities. The vast network of nerve communication is impeded from the brain and spinal cord especially to the hands and feet. Peripheral neuropathy does not include nerve damage in the central nervous system of the brain and spinal cord. Neuropathy can distort and interrupt nerve messages between the brain and the rest of the body and this in turn causes the various symptoms.
Because Neuropathy is a complication found with a number of different underlying medical conditions it can have a wide array of symptoms. Some people may experience numbness, tingling, and pricking sensations sensitivity to touch, or muscle weakness. Others may suffer more extreme symptoms, including burning pain (especially at night), muscle wasting, paralysis, or organ or gland dysfunction. People may become unable to digest food easily, maintain safe levels of blood pressure, sweat normally, or experience normal sexual function. In the most extreme cases, breathing may become difficult or organ failure may occur.
Approximately 50% of cases of neuropathy are found in people who have diabetes. Symptoms of neuropathy may occur slowly and can even show up before a person has diabetes. Control of blood sugar is important to minimize and prevent damage to the nerves.

It may be surprising, but some drugs can cause neuropathy by interacting with the nervous system in destabilizing ways.
It may be useful to consult a pharmacist or doctor if you suspect medication side-effects.
Drugs which can cause Neuropathy include but are not limited to:
Certain cardiac drugs for use against arrhythmias
Certain cancer drugs
Certain antibiotics and antivirals, including against HIV
An antihypertensive drug for high blood pressure
A psychiatric drug for bipolar disorder
An alcoholism treatment
Anti-seizure drugs for epilepsy and other uses
An antirejection drug for transplants
A dermatitis treatment.
and other drugs but are not limited to above

Reflexology is a natural system of relaxation based on the theory that a microcosm of the body is reflected in the feet. Pressure is applied in a specific consistent manner to the feet using thumb, fingers and hand techniques to stimulate the energy pathways [Meridians or energy (Chi)] and organs bringing relaxation, better circulation and balance to the body which can ease pain. Reflexology can be applied to the hands and ears as well as the feet. Reflexology takes a holistic approach affecting the interconnected systems of the whole body.
Reflexology at Heal & Toes Therapeutic Reflexology has brought comfort, increased circulation, increased mobility and pain relief to clients with Neuropathy. Clients use hour long Reflexology sessions as part of their healing process; often in conjunction with their allopathic doctor treatments. Following are a few examples of how Reflexology has been helpful:

Clients with healed past injuries in their feet, even very serious injuries that have developed into Neuropathy, tell of relief and increased mobility after Reflexology sessions with Heal & Toes.
“I have seen Lorna at Heal and Toes for over 2 months. With my severe neuropathy I receive a degree of relief and comfort after each session. Thanks Lorna!” 60 something man who fell from a great height, years ago onto his feet so underwent many operations over the years..

Leg amputation was prevented for a 70 something woman when blood vessels from her mid section were transplanted into her leg. She is totally sold on how reflexology with Heal & Toes helps her circulation, relieves edema and eases neuropathy pain. Doctors were impressed by her better than expected recovery at the six month check up after regular reflexology sessions.

Chronic deep ankle pain from a serious broken ankle years ago brought a 60 something woman in for Reflexology. Her Podiatrist had suggested she consider using a wheel chair. After several sessions she said, “My heel now feels connected to my foot and my toes no longer feel like they are upside down being smashed by a brick.” She delights in feeling the surfaces under her foot and forgets to use her cane sometimes.

Diabetic clients use Heal & Toes Reflexology with consistently good results in conjunction with or without medication. Some clients prefer regular Reflexology instead of medication so come regularly for best results.
A 70 something man with diabetes and a mended broken ankle that still hurt heard Lorna speak at the Diabetes support group so tried reflexology and noted improvement.

Several 60 something physically active retired men use Reflexology at Heal & Toes regularly to manage neuropathy issues related to diabetes along with their medications.

A gal, now 80 who has been with Heal & Toes nearly the whole time since it began in 2007 finds her feet continue to stay warm and the symptoms from neuropathy were diminished years ago so she does need medication. She follows a regular schedule at Heal & Toes because she likes continued good results for her feet and health.

Clients who are terminally ill with pain from Neuropathy have found noticeable relief from pain in their limbs using Reflexology at Heal & Toes.
A terminally ill man of 84 years with neuropathy found that reflexology gave him good relaxation and the reduced pain in his feet allowed him to walk with his dog as long as possible.

An elderly man with a great deal of pain who was terminal asked if Reflexology could help ease the pain. He was impressed by the reduction of discomfort. His sister later wrote a thank you note after his passing thanking Heal & Toes for bringing pain relief to her brother.

Clients who have “no apparent” cause of Neuropathy find Reflexology at Heal & Toes worthwhile.
Improved circulation in her legs and easing of Neuropathy pain makes a 96 yr client smile.

“I worked over twenty five years standing on a hard concrete floor. I would come home and my feet would just be numb. I now have Reflexology about once a month but what a difference it has made in how I feel. It wasn’t an instant fix but it has no bad side effects. Continued treatment for the last several years has really helped.” 70 something woman
In an effort to bring relief to patients/clients we hope this information has provided useful ideas about Neuropathy for you and your loved ones. Although many find relief for their Neuropathy conditions through reflexology, we are not associated with the AMA, so we are not to diagnose. An overall Reflexology routine brings healing and balance to the body, this in turn aids with diminishing the discomfort and symptoms of Neuropathy and other health issues. Heal & Toes Therapeutic Reflexology recommends doctor’s approval if you are concerned if Reflexology is OK for you. Some health conditions are complex and medical doctor’s advice make sense.

Legal disclaimer: The material provided above is not intended to replace medical advice. It is created solely for educational purposes. The reader accepts the information with the understanding everything done or tried as a result of reading this article or related website information is at his or her own risk. Heal & Toes Therapeutic Reflexology shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage or injury caused, or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained herein.

The ankle was an arch enemy of the heel because the heel had a sole that could neither toe the line nor keep instep.

Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end..

Thorbecke’s Fit Life Health Fair: February 9, 2015 4-7am; Free mini-sessions
A BIG Thank you to the Chehalis United Methodist Church for the Bazaar. One woman sent a note,”You were the most valuable vendor at the Bazaar. In just 15 minutes I felt better.” She had lost her husband and was recovering from surgery.

Bring mobile reflexology to your special events, such as bazaars and fairs, reunions and parties. Call or email Heal & Toes for questions and arrangements. Lorna is also available to give talks about the history and benefits of reflexology and demonstrate with mini-sessions.

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Deep relaxation
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Pain reduction
More optimal balance in body systems

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