Heal & Toes Footnotes August 2014

Reflexology was just right for a woman who had lost her son. Along with the support of family and friends, the calming effect of Reflexology allowed her to examine her feelings and helped her to deal with her loss. As any would expect, she felt very sad about his untimely death, and Reflexology seemed to soothe her nerves, relax her, and help her cope with her sorrow.

When bad things happen in our lives our brains go into overdrive. We lose focus of our logical senses, and our emotions take over. Reckoning with death tests our ability to cope and so we seek ways to heal. Reflective thinking can be helpful so we can better understand our feelings and situations, good or bad. Reflexology helps create a space to promote this kind of thought. Reflexology promotes an environment of relaxation that can allow feelings to be felt which helps to heal and balance the mind, body, and emotions.

About every 20th person has an extra rib and it is usually a man!
About twice a month we have “borborygmus” which means stomach grumbling. It does not mean hunger but is a sign that the intestines are house cleaning.

It seems hand dryers may not be as sanitary as paper towels. Paper towels reduce bacteria while hand dryers can increase bacteria because the bacteria are blown out of the warm, moist environment provided by the blower.

Whole Health Insider – Natural Health Research You Can Use

Thank you for purchasing blueberries. Besides orders from locals, Lorna was able to sell blueberries wholesale to the Olympia School District – but there may be more berries available since it was an abundant year. They are grown naturally and sell for $4 per pound. Orders can be picked up at her office, at 500 W Main. St. in Centralia. Call 360-262-3169 or email healtoes@lewiscounty.com.

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Thank you MS Support Group for inviting Lorna to speak and do mini-sessions at your last meeting! It was a pleasure.
Chehalis Tribal Health Fair: September 18, 2014; 10 am – 3 pm; FREE mini-sessions, Chehalis Tribal Community Center
Wellness Roundup: September 20, 2014; FREE mini-sessions, Providence campus Cook’s Hill Road, Centralia
Autumn Fund Raiser for the Rebecca’s Women’s Group: Napavine, TBA
Bring mobile reflexology to your special events, such as bazaars and fairs, reunions and parties. Call or email Heal & Toes for questions and arrangements. Lorna is also available to give talks about the history and benefits of reflexology and demonstrate with mini-sessions.

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Deep relaxation
Improved circulation
Pain reduction
More optimal balance in body systems

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