Is Hand Reflexology Just What You Need?



Did you know that by stimulating various points in the hand, as in the foot, positive health effects can occur? This is called hand reflexology. Like foot reflexology, hand reflexology works on the whole body to improve general well being. Hand reflexology can be useful for those who use their hands a lot, prefer not to have their feet worked on, or who need a quick health pep up.

Hand reflexology can help reduce stiffness in the hands and body as well as reduce pain, promote relaxation, relieve stress, and increase circulation. When stress is decreased it helps the body stabilize so problems like heart disease, depression, gastrointestinal problems, sleep issues, headaches and muscular pain are easier to avoid and deal with. Reflexology is not a substitute for traditional health care but works well in conjunction to it.

Several of Lorna’s reflexology clients have added hand reflexology to their foot reflexology sessions with good results. Clients have told how their hands are warmer after having a series of reflexology session and also are glad for being able to bend their fingers again with the added flexibility and less pain. One client finds playing the piano easier; a professional painter seeks relief for his hard working hands and a wood carver looks forward to a hand reflexology session before she meets with fellow carvers.

Lorna invites you to add hand reflexology to your sessions. If you are interested, please ask about it at your next session. Watch for a fun print out for a simple pressure techique you can do on your own hands at

“Lorna’s reflexology touch relaxed and revived my hands. I work with my hands all day on a computer, and this was just the thing I needed. The reflexology, both for hands and feet, relaxed my whole body; I felt as if I would melt into the chair. I look forward to more sessions!”
J.W., Age 42